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Phishing Scams by Targeted Company

We've kept the spelling differentiations of the different companies the same as those used by the scammers so as to maximise the accuracy of our database. As such one company name may appear several times with different spellings on this page.

A A . Baird to © Wells Fargo Online - 641 companies

B Ban Ki-moon to Buying Points - 276 companies

C C H A S E Online to actio - 356 companies

D D P D Delivery to 🙏 THANK YOU 🙏 - 131 companies

E E*Trade to 阿里巴巴国际站 - 194 companies

F F&M Bank & Trust Company to Fulton Bank - 129 companies

G GABRIELE MUGGIANO to Gwyneth - 57 companies

H H S B C to Huntington National Bank - 454 companies

I I CIoud to � 2012 Skype. - 103 companies

J J williams to JUDITH ALEXANDER - 70 companies

K kalvin blackwell to ksw-architekten ON BEHALF OF - 31 companies

L La Salle to Lyric - 186 companies

M M & I Marhall & Ilsley Bank to My Bank First United - 292 companies

N N o t i c e to іTunes Stоre - 235 companies

O O2 to Ozaukee Online Bank - 90 companies

P P Service to Pvsatyanarayana Raju - 215 companies

Q Qatar Islamic Bank to Quimper - 8 companies

R Rabobank Nederland to ryzacul@StephanieCraig.onmicro - 103 companies

S S e c u r i t y A L E R T to System Notification - 339 companies

T T-Mobile UK to twanda johnson - 133 companies

U U of C Federal Credit Union to UW Credit Union - 96 companies

V V.l.S.A. Customer Services to - 76 companies

W Wachovia to WwW.PayPal.Com - 128 companies

Y Yadkin Valley Bank to Yvonne Perry - 79 companies

Z ZAINAB AZIZ to Zions Bank - 3 companies