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Alliance and Leicester 28th September 2010
Incoming Security Notice - 28 September 2010

Alliance and Leicester Customer,

Our online security unit has
suspended your online banking access. This
could be due to the following reasons:

You may have recently changed your computer settings
You may be logging in from a different computer
Due to multiple log-in attempt error on your account

Click here to resolve this issue.

Sorry for the inconvienence.

Thank you for banking with Alliance cursor: pointer;
background: none repe...

Alliance and Leicester 1st September 2010
Important! Security alerts and notices


We use the very latest industry-standard technology,
plus multiple levels of security to safeguard your
personal and
transaction details, so you can bank online with

We are committed to continually developing our
security systems to ensure that Internet Banking
remains safe and
secure. We hope that you will also take the necessary
precautions to protect your computer and your personal

Your account has bee...

Alliance and Leicester 26th January 2010
Banking Security Notice

Alliance and Leicester Bank is currently working to
improve on the security of all our
Online Banking Users as we periodically review certain
Accounts which
are vulnerable to Unauthorised Access.

We have noticed some unusual invalid login attempts
into your Online Account
and have thereby limited its ability to send funds.
To remove this limitation and initiate your Account
Update Process,
you are required to click on the button below to login
to your Account and ...

Alliance and Leicester 11th December 2009
Banking Security Notice


Alliance and Leicester have been receiving complaints
from our Customers
about unauthorised use of their Online Bank Accounts.
As a result we periodically review certain Customers'
Accounts and temporarily restrict access
to those which we think are vulnerable to unauthorised

This message has been sent to you from Alliance and
Leicester because
we have noticed some invalid login attempts into your
Due to this we may temporarily limit a...

Alliance and Leicester 20th August 2009
Online Banking Notice

We have noticed some invalid login attempts into your
Online Bank Account.
As an extra security to protect you and your Account,
we will need you to verify
your identity by providing us with some security
details about your Account

Login to the Alliance and Leicester Secure Online
Banking to complete the verification process
and access your message center by clicking on the
image below:

Its all about your security.
Thank you.
Accounts Management as outline...

Alliance and Leicester 10th August 2009
Alliance and Leicester {Suspicious Activity On Your

Dear customer:

Your online account has been deactivated (reason:
suspicious activity on this account).
Even if your online services has been disabled, the
data may still be available for
up to 5 days, after which it will be deleted.
Please click the link below to update your account

Log On

Thank you,
Alliance&Leicester Holdings plc


Alliance and Leicester 9th August 2009
Alliance and Leicester Online Security Alert

"Dear Alliance & Leicester Bank member,

We recently have determined that different computers
have logged to your Alliance & Leicester Online Banking
and multiple password failures were present before the

Now you need to re-confirm your account information
for your Online Security

If this is not completed by August 11, 2009, we will
be forced to suspend your account permanently, as it
may have
been used for fraudulent purposes.

Thank you for y...

Alliance and Leicester 22nd June 2009
Alliance and Leicester unable to verify your account


Alliance and leicester 22nd June 2009
Update Message

"Your access to Online Services has been suspended."

Alliance and Leicester 17th June 2009
Online - Customer Service Message

"Your access to our ALLIANCE and LEICESTER Internet
Banking has been temporarily disabled due to multiple
login errors.

Alliance and Leicester 14th June 2009
Online Security Measure


Alliance and Leicester 14th June 2009
Alliance and Leicester : Internet Banking access

"Internet Banking access blocked 18 May 2009"

Alliance and Leicester 11th June 2009
Online Banking Update

"It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the
Alliance and Leicester Group, Now part of Santander

Alliance and Leicester 8th June 2009
Alliance and Leicester-Access Suspended

"Information - Access Suspended"

Alliance and Leicester 5th June 2009
Alliance-Leicester Group

"Verification of your current details."

Alliance and Leicester 25th May 2009
New security procedure.

"Online security - The steps we take"

Alliance and Leicester 22nd May 2009
Security Alert: Action Required

"Click here to Next"

Alliance and Leicester 20th May 2009
Information: Internet Banking access blocked 19 May


Alliance and Leicester 17th May 2009
Alliance and Leicester-Update Your Account Online

"We Recently Upgraded Our Online Banking Security System
with a Newly Established SSL Sever In which Guarantee
your maximum Security Protection when Accessing Your
Account Online.

Alliance and Leicester 17th May 2009
Verify your account activity.

"We recently reviewed your account, and we are
suspecting that your Internet Banking account may have
been accessed from an unauthorized computer.

Alliance and Leicester 24th April 2009
Alliance and Leicester Unread Message

"You have exceeded the maximum number of logon attempts
and your account has been locked.

Alliance and Leicester 23rd April 2009
Security Alert: Access To Alliance Online Service

"During our routine check we noticed a log of invalid
login attempts on your account.

Alliance and Leicester 8th April 2009
You have 1 New Alert

"Your Online Banking is being suspended."

Alliance and Leicester 4th April 2009
You have 1 New Alert

"Your use of the Service will end automatically if You
don\'t update your Online Banking.

Alliance and Leicester 19th November 2008
Alliance and Leicester Security Message

"Welcome to Alliance and Leicester Online Banking"

Alliance and Leicester 1st November 2008
Re-Update Your Online Banking Information.

"Re-Update Your Online Banking"

Alliance and Leicester 28th March 2008
Alliance and Leicester Business Banking-Rewards Online
Customers with 2000 Pounds.

"Alliance and Leicester Business Banking is today
introducing a great new offer exclusively for internet
users, all customers who apply for a Alliance and
Leicester Business Banking Current Account online will
receive Ł2000 cash visit Us for details

Alliance and Leicester 23rd August 2007
Alliance and Leicester MyBank New Security Features
Activation Ref: 047

"Our Support Department is doing an arranged web-site