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First Credit Union 28th November 2005
Notification of Limited Account

"This is your official notification from First Credit
Union that the service(s) listed below will be
deactivated and deleted if not renewed immediately.

First Credit Union 17th November 2005
Confirm your Online Banking records

"To protect the security of your account First Credit
Union employs some of the advanced security systems in
the world and our anti-fraud teams regularly screen the
First Credit Union system for unusual activity.

First Credit Union 11th November 2005
Confirm your Online Banking records

"In accordance with First Credit Union`s User Agreement
and to ensure that your account has not been
compromised, access to your account was limited.

First Credit Union 29th October 2005
renew your account information

"First Credit Union is committed to maintaining a safe
environment for its community of buyers and sellers.

First Credit Union 27th October 2005
Update Your Account Profile

"We are glad to inform you, that our bank has a new
security system.